"Who knoweth the spirit of man that goeth upward, and the spirit of the beast that goeth downward to the earth?"
 (Ecclesiastes 3:21)

          Without doubt most of us,  at one time or another over the last twenty years or so,  have been troubled by alarming reports of abridged rights of Christian activists, churchmen and parents, infringements on freedom of speech, increases in drug addiction, suicides, abortions, and violent crimes among young people,  the endorsement and promotion of sexual perversion,  euthanasia, and infanticide, the open discrimination against people of the Christian persuasion, immorality and  amorality in high government office, deliberate disregard of the provisions of the United States Constitution by the judicial, legislative and executive branches of our government, the bold-faced imposition  of  United Nations mandates on our citizenry  without elected representation,   the gargantuan growth of multi-national conglomerates through mergers and acquisitions in complete disregard for anti-trust laws and national sovereignty, the international centralization of the control of banking and finance in private hands, the unprecedented increases in tax burden on the American  working people, the accelerated movement of industries and jobs overseas, the wholesale slaughter of the unborn by the multi-billion dollar abortion industry sanctioned by our government, the giving over of our public lands and parks to the jurisdiction of the United Nations, the billeting of increasing numbers of foreign military personnel in our country, the sanctioning and ignoring of abhorrent human rights violations around the world and the welcoming of the bloody tyrants of communist countries to the Congress,  the White House and our military bases,  and providing some of them with favored treatment and permanent accommodations within our borders. These are just some of the things that are  happening,  and  have  been  happening at  an ever accelerating  pace since the end of  World War II.

          Have they made you wonder,  why they are happening?   Have they given you cause for concern? Or, are you like most Americans, just standing around, with a puzzled look on your face, scratching your head and muttering, "I just don't understand what's going on.  I wonder why that happened."   Or, perhaps you are as naive as the noteworthy churchman who admonished  his audience with: "Some people are always looking for conspiracies. I say, put down your spy glasses. There are no conspirators!"   In any case,  whatever you have observed of  these  things  that  are happening around you,  let me assure you that they are not happening by accident, my friends, but by DESIGN! Sadly, while you and I know there was a Dr. Pavlov, the poor ignorant dog merely salivated for food at the ring of the bell,  believing,  I suppose,  that it was really his fault after all. Since the unfortunate dog was unaware of Dr. Pavlov, do you think that you or I might have been able to convince him otherwise?

          Believing myself to be somewhat more intelligent and inquisitive than poor Pavlov's dog, I wanted to know WHY these things were happening, not just WHAT was happening. I observed that there are many people who will clearly tell us WHAT is happening; but seldom do you hear anything about WHY these things are happening. Frankly, I became irritated and frustrated with those who, from the pulpit and other symbolic positions of  "leadership,"  were saying that if  we wished to know WHY these things were happening we should go home and look in a mirror. That seemed to me to be like saying to Pavlov's dog (if perchance he began to question the reasons for his own uncharacteristic behavior)  go look at yourself in a mirror.  Similarly, how often have you heard the statement, "People have fallen away from God and the church." My friends, it would be much closer to the truth to say, "People have been led away from God and the church" and explain that this has happened through the deliberate execution of a cleverly devised agenda by an enemy that is well documented and easily described.   For church leaders to be purveyors of the myth that these things are happening by accident,  rather than by design,  is like the shepherds who refuse to identify the wolves that are among the sheep. If it's not too late, the time is long past for preaching vagaries and platitudes.  This merely aids our enemies.

          When I started researching the WHY,  I became very alarmed,  and then,  depressed and discouraged, but still intrigued enough to continue with the research. Soon I discovered that there were others like me who had also asked the question, WHY are these things happening?   At the moment I guess there are probably as few as four to five thousand people like me in our country of 240 million who continue to examine WHY things are happening in the manner they are happening in our society, our country and our world. In the 1962 Academy Award winning documentary, THE BLACK FOX,  the introductory narration stated,  "One of the great myths to emerge from the second world war was that the German people lived in fear of Adolph Hitler's Nazis, that they were terrorized into passive submission.   In the mid 1930's these were people who,  for the most part, were living happily and with pride, under one of the most brutal dictatorships the world has ever know. How did it happen, in this lovely land, with its brave and hardworking people, that they followed their leader down the path to hell?  Will we learn from this tragic lesson of history, or will we be like those, who being ignorant of history, live to repeat it?

           Unfortunately, when you ask the WHY question, it's like the surgeon who has the patient brought in before him to determine the cause of his great illness of multitudinous weaknesses and symptoms; and upon opening up the patient in exploratory surgery discovers that the malignancies are so rampant there is nothing. . . literally nothing . . that can be done to save the patient . . . his death is imminent. So, he sews the patient back up again, and then, as he walks away, the first thought in his mind is what is he going to say to the patient? Sadly in this case, our patient is the Christian,  and the Christian values and Christian way of life of our,  once Christian,  country.  In these circumstances I relate very well with that surgeon.

          Some time ago, a close friend of mine and I had the opportunity to talk with the children and parents at a church school. One of the things my friend said to them was:"Remember this, covenant- keepers win,  and covenant-breakers lose."  Likewise,  if there is good news in the message of this article, along with the bad news, the good news is that covenant-keepers will win. In the end, at the foot of the Cross, we will be victorious. Never lose sight of that axiom. That is the great truth, that as we go to the Cross, and stay at the Cross, we will at that position be victorious. That's somewhat of an  irony  since  it  is  the Cross of Jesus Christ  which is the focal point of the bombardment of this incredible,  implacable,  conspiratorial foe that we,  as Christians,  face.  That is the source or the ammunition dump, if you will, which they seek with all of their cleverness and resources to destroy. I'll explain some of the reasons for this a little further on in this article. But, be assured that the Cross of Jesus Christ is also the safest place in all of this battle for minds,  hearts,  and souls.  Christians, never leave the safety of the Cross.  And for those of you who may visit this Web Site,  if you have not yet accepted Christ as your Lord and Savior, there is no time like the present to do so. That is the good news of whatever message we may convey to you on this occasion.

          The bad news arises from the age-old battle line of believer versus non-believer. And, it goes to the roots and the mandates of our Christian beliefs. Actually, it goes back to Christ himself. Some 2,000 years ago, Christ came into the world, and you all know why, and I hope you have accepted Him as the Lord and Savior of your lives.   If you have not,  then  the years and  the days and  the months ahead will be impossible for you. It is only in His company that you will find comfort in the months and years ahead. Two thousand years ago He came into this world, and immediately, there arose a power struggle.  Those who demanded and sought to retain  the power of  the times in the society,  the community,  and the world of the times sought to kill Him.   And,  they did.  They saw Him as a threat to their control of humankind.  And,  the enemy that we face today sees Him also as a threat to their control of the people of the world and the world's resources.

          At the close of this article is a list of weapons, if you will, used in what is known now as "the war called peace."  They are weapons which derive from a modern-day science called the science of psychopolitics. The science of psychopolitics is not necessarily new, but it has been substantially refined, and in the sophistication of modern-day psychology,  it is very,  very refined.  Direct your attention for a moment to the fact that science itself,  the physical sciences,  has progressed to such an extraordinarily sophisticated level that we are able through that science to put men on the moon, for example, and men into space stations. While that science was progressing to its current level of sophistication, the science of medicine, also, was progressing to levels of great sophistication. But, don't overlook the fact that other sciences have come also to that level of, literally, mind-boggling sophistication. The science of psychopolitics includes behavior modification, operant conditioning, the use of "moles" and "agents of influence", the use of front organizations and controlled-opposition groups,  the use of  "pivot" men and "polarizers" and the list goes on and on. I've listed twenty-two of these sophisticated weapons of psychopolitics, the modern warfare, the warfare called peace on the last page of this article. Look over this listing carefully.  If you have any further interest,  leave a message at this Web Site; and we will gladly provide you with additional information.

          After the battle line was delineated by  the arrival and crucifixion of  Christ;  and  Christians suffered the persecutions through the ages that you know about,  with the lions' den and all the rest of it,  there came about four centuries ago,  a preacher by the name of Samuel Rutherford. He was an Englishman, and he wrote a book.  His book was called Lex Rex,  and he hit between the eyes,  if you  will,  what had been  the structure of  government from the beginning of time until that moment when he said it is not Rex Lex (it is not the king,  the monarchy,  the government,  the man with the power who is the supreme authority),  it is the Law which is the supreme authority,  meaning and explaining later,  the Law of God.  God Almighty is the supreme authority ruling and governing the lives of mankind,  Rutherford said.  And a small group of people,  later known to be Puritans and, then, Pilgrims seized upon that as a revelation of great truth. Yes, they said, we answer not to man, but to God.

          Furthermore, in that book that God has written, He has provided men with those Absolutes, those things that are axiomatic, those things that cannot be changed, FOR WHILE THE TRUTH CAN BE DENIED,  IT CANNOT BE CHANGED!  And, it remains for eternity, God's Word, God's Absolutes, for the living out of our destiny as creations of that great God Almighty, the great creator.   Rutherford said this,   and these few folks seized upon this as a great truth.   They barely escaped the wrath of the monarchy.   Naturally the king was not pleased with this pronouncement. The king's men seized Rutherford and had  him scheduled for execution,  but  an  influential number of  his followers were able to save him from  execution,  such  that  he remained a prisoner.  And,  those who followed  this  idea  that  God Almighty  is  supreme  escaped  to  Holland.   And,  from Holland,  they came,  eventually,  to this New World.   And  in  this New World,  they established, from  the  moment of  setting  foot on  this  new  land,  in  the  Mayflower Compact through to the Declaration of Independence, into the Constitution that is known as our United States Constitution, the first and the most unique, and the only, at that time, government known in the history of mankind to be based squarely upon the Word of God and the concept that God is King,  Lex Rex,  the Law of God is the King of all mankind.

          Well,  let's think about that for a moment.  If you were a Genghis Khan,  or a Julius Caesar, or  a  member of  the Council on  Foreign  Relations of  the  present  age,  or  a  member of  the Bilderbergers, or a member of the British Royal Institute for International Affairs, or the Committee of 300 (and the other conspirators for The New World Order),  the idea that,  not you,  and  not  the power structure that you created, nor the government that you orchestrated would be the final authority over those  you  sought  to control,  but  that God  would  remain  the ultimate authority, wouldn't sit too well with you, would it? If you wanted to control the people of the world and the world's resources,  would you be happy with large groups of Christians who said,  "No,  I don't answer to the State; I answer to God. " Obviously,  that poses a very serious stumbling  block to controlling the world's people and the world's resources.  Now,  that may seem a little farfetched
to you.  We don't think about controlling anyone; at least, most of us don't think about controlling millions of people.  And,  usually  we're not  really so arrogant as  to  believe that,  somehow  or another,  we  have the ability to tell the  people of  South  America  what  to do about  their  rain forests,  or what to tell the  churches to do about  their schools,  to  dictate  the values the world's people should have,  when they should have abortions,  or when they should die.  No,  most of us are not that arrogant, or so thirsty for power! Actually, that's what it is really all about . . the greed for power and  wealth.  But,  we are not of a mindset of  Julius Caesar or  Genghis  Kahn or  the present-day  "elitists" of  The  New World Order,  because a profession of Christianity forbids it. You can see why Christianity is a  "sticky wicket"  for all such people.  I believe it was Karl Marx who declared that  only 10% of  the earth's people have  the ability to decide what  the other 90% should be thinking  and doing.  This turns out  to  be one of  the major underpinnings of the New World Order mindset;  and it was the mindset of Adolf Hitler,  and others who have sought world power and control.  Hitler actually declared  that he was ordained of God to rule the world!  Such arrogance and greed for power continue to plague mankind.

          Now, on that list of psychopolitical weapons which I included at the end of this article, you will find that I stated a couple of conclusions at the end of the listing.  One of  the conclusions says that all of  these weapons of  modern-day psychopolitical  warfare are sanctioned exclusively by a Godless mindset.  After you have looked them over,  I  believe you'll agree that no Christian could sanction any of  these twenty-two strategies.  To use these things as  weapons  in  the  warfare  to control a targeted nation or  targeted group of people you'd have to have the mindset of an atheist, or Humanist.  You won't  find any principles of  Biblical Christianity among this listing.  But you will find the precepts of Humanism.  And,  I've reminded you  in  the  note at the bottom that it was the General  Secretary of  the United  States Communist  Party,  Gus Hall,  who said  "We who are Communists definitely believe in Humanism.  We also are Humanists."  Now, if Humanists and the religion of Humanism is so critical to understanding what's going on,  then  I  urge  you to learn what it is,  by reading the article at this Web Site entitled,  "What is Being Taught in the Public Schools? The Religion of Humanism."

          Now,  Humanism is not a benign  philosophy  or religion.  It is  very aggressive,  far  more aggressive, I am sad to say, than today's Christians. When Humanists are asked to turn out for a rally or a demonstration in favor of abortion, homosexuality, lesbianism, or any of the other bizarre perversions for which there are countless Scriptural condemnations, they turn out by the thousands. Sadly, this is not so with Christians even when it comes to demonstrations for a cornerstone of our faith, the sanctity of life. When will we begin to take this warfare seriously? If this article is of any benefit at all, possibly it will be to impress upon you that our enemies mean business.

          Now, on the psychopolitical weapons list, Item 14 is "Criminality and Legal Entanglement." Since this is a war called peace,  there are no tanks that will roll down the street--not now--with swastikas or  rising  suns or  hammers and sickles painted on their sides.  You'll  see some black helicopters of  the United Nations,  the  One World Government,  to which  you and  I  will  be compelled to become subject,  no question about it.  You will  become a citizen of  the  world community,  and you'll be subject to the Resolutions of the appointed  government of the United Nations.  You will not have a voice as to who will represent you there.  You will not elect them, anymore than under this so-called benign NAFTA Treaty, will you have anything to say about the body set up by mandate to govern NAFTA. Nothing.  They're all appointed.  The shifting,  then,
of the authority and responsibilities of elected officials to appointed officials is part of the strategy of the New World Order.  Making you and I,  dissidents,  criminals and law violators,  is another ploy of the New World Order. How will that come about?

          In a moment we will look at one example of how this contrived or orchestrated criminality is to be brought about. This New World Order crowd, to whom I have made reference, and named some of their organized groups, breaks down into countless. . . countless front organizations and controlled opposition groups.  I'll admit that when  you  first look at  all  these various and sundry groups with some really good sounding names, it is truly confusing. It is very difficult to tell what is really going on. Let me try to give you an idea of what it's like. It's like your taking me to a hockey game, and I've never been to one before, and I sit there in amazement, trying to figure out what's going on, what they're doing with that little round black thing, why they've got sticks, why they're beating up on each other, what's that net at the end of the ice, what they're doing? You see, I don't know who the players are, and I don't know what their positions are, and I don't know what their responsibilities are, and I don't know what they're doing because I haven't informed myself about it. So, I sit there, naively, thinking that, somehow or other, they must all be having a good time and there's no object to it, that it's all happening just by accident. Well, my friends, it's not happening by accident;  it's happening by design.  WE CHRISTIANS HAVE GOT TO WAKE UP!  When it comes to the New World Order crowd,  the object of  their game is to control  the  earth's people and the earth's resources and a major part of that agenda is to stop the flow of the Gospel of Jesus Christ  from  husband  and  wife  to  child,  from  preacher  to  parishioner,  from one generation to another. They're going to stop it! How are they going to stop it?

          They have countless ancillary organizations,  consisting of hand-picked people, recruited on college campuses for at least  the last fifty  years,  and  educated,  indoctrinated  and  brainwashed through scholarships and fellowships  (Fulbright,  Rhodes,  Guggenheim), CFR inspired, organized and structured.  And,  if  you talk  with a  Rhodes scholar,  and  I've talked  with some,  you  will discover  the  results of  this globalism,  Humanism,  socialism,  collectivism,  and  Communism indoctrination.  I can tell you from firsthand experience that these people are trained for the New World  Order cadre  through  Rhodes,  Guggenheim,  Fulbright, grants from the major tax-exempt foundations  and  with your taxes and mine.  They were organized,  their names were given,  the funds were given  in order to  pick likely  recruits  for  their  psychopolitical  "army"  to  work this menacing,  implacable kind of warfare against Christians and,  especially,  against the last citadel of Christianity,  that country whose very Constitution is based on the  Holy Bible--the Word of God. . . . and I mean Christian America. It has been recognized from the beginning of this current battle for world control by  the elitists that  Karl Marx  was  right  when he said the greatest obstacle to Communizing the world was the Christian clergyman.  Obviously,  that  country and  those  people who declare that Jesus Christ is King above all kings,  have  no  place in  the New World Order . . . no place.  There is no  harmony  between  light and darkness.  There  is  no  harmony between the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Humanist doctrine, no harmony, and they know it.  They have the power,  they've got the army, they've got the government schools,  and they've got the curriculum. Do you know that the Carnegie Foundation (another CFR tax-free foundation) is in charge of the international curriculum that will be forced upon all government school students, worldwide?  And, you as American taxpayers, are paying for it.

          As American taxpayers and Christians, you're paying for federally-funded abortions, you're paying  for  the teaching of  Humanism in the public schools, you are paying  for young souls to be drawn to hell.  Who is picketing  the government  schools?   Who is  picketing  the  Family  Life curriculum?   Who is  picketing  the  preaching of  the  Humanist,  Godless,  perverted,  satanic religion to the millions of  schoolchildren of America?  We  don't see many  Christians down there. We go out on Life Chain, and hold hands with six other Christians. How much does Christ mean to us?  The evidence of our love for Christ is all-too-often insufficient. He meant a lot to the Apostle Paul. He meant a lot to the Apostle Peter. I'm not certain we're--I don't think we've gotten to that point--I'm not certain we're ready to come out of our complacency yet. What is it going to take? How many things is some  CFR-puppet,  Rhodes scholar,  New World Order advocate  going  to jam down the Christian  community's throat before  the Christian community stands  up  and  says "No more!"

          Are you going to continue to buy into the Humanist,  CFR psychopolitical strategy,  the ploy of telling you "Oh, don't get involved in politics." Politics is not issues. Go back to the dictionary. Politics  is  the  process  by  which  legislation  is  enacted.   It  is  the  mechanism  of  a  structured government,  made up of elected officials,  or appointed officials,  who work through procedures for filing bills and studying bills and holding hearings,  a political process separate and apart from issues. The issue of abortion is not politics.  The issue of homosexuality is not politics.  The  process which they  go  through  is  politics,  such as the steps which are required  to  put  people in office.  Those things are politics.  The subject matter that these people deal with is not politics.  It's like saying that the carpenter's products are carpentry.  No,  they're not.  The carpenter's tools and his methods of making  various  products are carpentry.  The bookcases and chairs and  similar  products  that  the carpenter makes are not carpentry. The products of carpentry are the "issues", and we can certainly describe,  discuss,  and express our opinions about  the products of carpentry  without  being  told we're engaging in carpentry.

          Well, what about the New World Order? The One World Government attempt failed in the Woodrow Wilson era which promoted a first effort, if you will, to establish it. When the League of Nations lost by some eight votes in our Congress, it just didn't make it. And, these same folks, that is their fathers and grandfathers, settled back after that defeat and said, "Well, we're not going to get a New World Order, One World Government this way, are we? We've got to do something different. So,  we'll put our think tanks together,  and we'll get them to figure out what happened,  what went wrong."   And,  what went wrong,  they surmised,  was first off,  it was over in Europe,  it wasn't in America.  Americans won't support anything that isn't in America,  they said.   So,  the Rockefellers came forward,  and provided the land to put  the United Nations down in New York.  They solved the first problem. Now, it's an American institution.

          Then,  they  got  together and  formed front organizations like the ACLU and the Advertising Council of America--you never knew that, did you? Well, most folks don't know that the Council on Foreign  Relations and  the Communist  Party of  America  actually came  together  and  formed  the founding Board of Directors of the ACLU with the avowed purpose of destroying traditional values, i.e.  religious  values,  i.e. Christian values.   They weren't so bold to call it ethnic cleansing in those days,  but it meant the same thing.  That was their purpose, to do that, and they're well on their way to accomplishing  it.  Civil liberties . . . baloney . . . they're just  for pagan Humanists,  not  for Bible believers.  The Humanists can preach their religion to your children every day of the school week in the taxpayer-financed classrooms coast to coast but the Christian can't hand out a  tract or pray  at your kid's graduation.  But they fooled you and deceived you from the very beginning,  by intention and design.  The Advertising Council of America was  put  together by the CFR in order to promote the United Nations. And if you remember riding--I don't know if any of you rode on streetcars and buses, but I rode on a number of them in my younger days, and the Advertising Council of America had promotional material supporting the United Nations, stating how important it was for Congress to make America part of the UN, and so forth. The Council on Foreign Relations put together the Advertising Council of America. What a ploy! What a clever front organization. We could devote many pages to that orchestration.

          At any rate, when the second effort came along, it was the United Nations. The United Nations succeeded.  And,  so it  was out of the United  Nations that there came that resolution giving our then President,  CFR George Bush the opportunity to say,  in so many words,  I don't have to wait for Congress to declare war to send Americans to the Gulf.  I  don't  care  anything about  the United States Constitution  because  that  is already subordinate to the Charter of the United Nations.  I wish I had time to tell you about the World Constitution,  which  subjects  the United Nations to a  Council of Wise Men  (their words, not mine).  A Council of  Wise  Men to rule the world.  Are you  beginning  to see what  a  serious business this is?   It's deadly serious to those who are working to bring it about.

          So,  among the UN resolutions,  contrary  to our Constitution,  was the one that sent over 400,000 American military personnel to the Persian Gulf in a contrived war.  If  you  haven't come to the conclusion that it was a contrived war, at this point, you just haven't been reading. Sadly, this is a matter of reading.  Yes, we have to read.  And,  that's one reason why the educrats that control the educational curriculum are not particularly concerned if children graduating from the government schools can read. They prefer it if they don't. Because if you can't read, you can't read history, you can't  read books,  you can't read  anything.   If  you can't  read,  then  you  have  to  rely  on  what somebody tells you.  And if I wanted to control someone,   I would want to keep him illiterate.   I wouldn't want him to be able to  go  find out something  for  himself,  or  verify  what  I  was  telling  him.  I wouldn't want him to be able to discover that I was lying to him, now would I? Yes, this is a warfare in which you and I , all of us,  must read in order to understand why things are happening as they are happening.   So,  read  the  article  on  Humanism,  study  the  list  of  the  weapons of psychopolitical warfare,  and  watch  this  Web Site  for documentation regarding the attack on our Constitution via a Constitutional Convention.  That's a start . Don't  be deceived,  so  many  of  the things being proposed and promoted sound good--they have a nice ring  to them.  We've got to get a Balanced Budget Amendment,  we should have prayer back in  the schools,  we  should  have  a Constitutional Convention.  We should change our Constitution.  For the  last five or six  years,  at least,  school children  have  been  writing  essays  in  the  public schools on what's wrong with our Constitution. Shouldn't we have a new Constitution? . . . thus conditioning the minds of these young people with the bias of the New World Order agenda. The CFR international companies have been giving awards to children in the public schools for writing the best essay on how would you change our Constitution,  if you were to change it?  Is the Constitution outdated?  Is it antiquated?  Using Class Room Facilitators the kids are soon  brainwashed into believing that our Constitution should be replaced, that the Biblical values of their parents are old-fashioned and unreasonably restrictive, and that if the people of the world are to live in peace they all have to think alike, act alike, and accept  the  "enlightened"  universal  philosophy of  Humanism  and  Collectivism . . . . just  another way of describing Communism and Capitalism.

          Another part of the strategy is to stimulate debate,  and  that's on  the list of  strategies also. You'd be amazed how effective the strategy of debate is. The debate of non-debatable issues. By the time you've listened to heated and emotional (and many times untruthful) arguments against your point of view, especially from your peers, you can become a doubter of your previously otherwise firm convictions. You can imagine how easily this is accomplished with uncertain, questioning, and impressionable school age children. I said recently to a Christian pastor, "You know, this is like my saying to you, Pastor, let's have a debate in front of your congregation. I'm going to take the position that Christ is not the Son of God, and you're going to take the position that He is indeed the Son of God."  If he says yes to me,  what has he just done?  He has given some,  even a little tiny bit of, credibility to the possibility that I might have something of significance to say about the non-divinity of Christ.  Just by allowing the debate he has aided my agenda.  For Christians and  believers  the divinity of  Jesus Christ is  an  Absolute.  The Word of  God  says  so.  It's  a  non-debatable  issue. What about the Shroud? Genuine or not, who cares? Christ is the Son of God. He rose from the dead. The Bible says so. That's enough for me. Our Christianity is based on salvation by the Grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ as the resurrected Son of the Father.

          There was a debate raised recently about the sword that pierced His side. Had it been found? Hadn't it been found? Could it be authenticated? Couldn't it be authenticated? Who cares? It's not a debate.  In our acceptance of the inerrancy,  the infallible Word of God,  we should refuse to debate non-debatable issues.  Those things which are part of our Faith and rest upon the Scripture are non-
debatable issues. I believe that if you give this some thought you will see why our enemy uses this as part of the strategy.  It  is their strategy to draw us  into debate.  There  is no debate about abortion. There is no debate about  aborting a  pregnancy caused by  incest,  rape  or  anything  else.  Life is sanctified by God,  that's what it says,  all life.  No debate.  Either  you  accept  sanctity of  life as a Biblical Absolute, or you don't.  That's what  the abortion  issue is all about.  It's  not  about killing unborn babies, while it's true that is happening.  It's not about women's rights,  although that's what they argue.  It's not about freedom of choice,  although that's what they would have us believe.   It's not about any of that.  What  it  is about  is a  hidden agenda  to destroy  a  Biblical truth.  And each Biblical truth,  and  each  Absolute  from God  Almighty  is  singled  out  and  targeted  for  attack, relentless,  consistent,  continuing attack,  attack,  attack, attack.  And, they want us to debate these things to weaken our position by giving credibility to their pagan Humanist views.

          Christianity, you've heard it before, is also axiomatic. Christianity is black and white, no gray areas. Christ said those who are not with me are against me! Don't let Satan draw you in with his cleverness to some compromise or accommodation that says "Surely there's just a little bit of gray in there, somewhere." No, there isn't, folks. You've just turned around when you've done that, and you're looking the other way. When you turn around and put your back to God, you are facing the yawning gates of hell. Let there be no doubt about that. Pray God that you never ever, in any way, make even the slightest turnaround. Keep in mind that it is that slightest turning away from God and His Absolutes that our enemy,  the Humanist,  and  those I have mentioned,  intend  for  you  to do, somehow, somewhere, so that you will indeed have turned away from your haven at the foot of the Cross. They ask you to accommodate them by opening the Gates of Troy!

          Criminality--a strategy of psychopolitical warfare--the setting up of orchestrated conditions under which those who are dissidents, who don't go along with the New World Order agenda can be termed law-breakers and confined in jails or internment camps. This strategy is also on the list I am  making  available  to  you.  Let's talk  about one of  these mechanisms for setting up contrived conditions for making law-breakers out of Christians. They call it the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Who could be against it? Can you say, I'm against the rights of the child. You must read. The Bible tells us "be discerning." Yes, it says, don't judge. But, the Humanist would like you to believe that "Don't judge" also means "Don't measure." You measure against the yardstick of Scripture.  You don't judge.  You measure.  How else can you be discerning.  So,  understand the words. Don't let them pull the wool over your eyes.  The Convention on the Rights of Children,  a Children's Bill of Rights, a United Nations Convention. Those are misnomers. On the list, you'll find "reverse labeling" and "misnomers." It's a trick. It's not a Convention, in the meaning of the common usage of the word. A Convention's something you go to,  isn't it?  And,  most people say,  "I don't care, if they want to have a Convention on the rights of children,  that's a wonderful idea. " But our deceitful enemy  is  using Webster's third  meaning of  the word to throw  you off.  This is a  treaty, folks.  One hundred and thirty-six countries--they call them  "member-states,"  they're not countries anymore -- of  the United Nations have adopted  this Convention,  this  Treaty,  on  the  rights  of children.  Article XVIIII,  and I draw your attention to it,  says this.  "The child shall be guaranteed freedom of thought,  freedom of conscience,  and freedom of religion. " Freedom of religion?  The child is given the legal right to choose. "It is provided that the child be registered immediately after birth." Article VII. Did you think it was benign or by accident that they're assigning Social Security Numbers to children as they're born, in the maternity ward, at all of our hospitals? Our government is already following the provisions of this treaty and it hasn't even been accepted by Congress yet!

      A child who is deprived of his or her rights may be taken from their family environment. No,  I'm not kidding.   The child  whose rights for freedom of thought, conscience and religion in the determination of  a  mandated vast bureaucracy within the state to legislate, monitor and enforce all United Nations rights of children, in their judgment, if you are not providing your child with freedom of  thought,  conscience and  religion,  a proper environment,  then that child can be taken from you. Period.  That will be the law when this treaty is ratified.  I'm sure you can see immediately that it will prohibit transferring religious values to the child who chooses  not  to  receive  them.  How does the child choose NOT to receive them--I don't know, but a bureaucracy of the United Nations set up in this country and in the other member-states will decide that. How long after this treaty is ratified by our Congress do you think the Christian schools or the Christian home schools will survive?   As in Communist countries will American churches contain only the old folks?

          Do  you  not  see  the  method  in this madness of contriving a "legal pretense" for removing children from  their parents?  If  you do not  yet see  where it  leads,  perhaps a quotation from the behavioral psychologist,  John Broadus Watson,  will help. Mr. Watson said, "Give me the baby and my world to bring it up in . . . and I'll make it climb and use its hands . . . I'll make it a thief,  a gunman,  or a dope-fiend.  The possibility  of  shaping  in  any  direction  is  almost endless."  Do you doubt for even a moment that the New World Order agenda includes shaping our children in  those directions  most  suitable  for controlling  the  earth's  people  and  resources? What do you  think  they've been doing in  the government schools for at  least the past fifty years? Just look at the statistics if you want  to  find out how successful they've been in shaping America's children?   When  the  United Nations  Convention on  the Rights of Children  is  accepted  by our government the final building block for the total control of the heart and mind of your child will have been  put  in  place!   Do you really think you will be allowed to hold on to your children in the New World Order?

          Already in France,  and  I'm not trying to shock you,  the intended persecution of Christians is taking place under this UN treaty.  I'm reminded of the old black and white movies taken by the Germans  as  documentation of  the Jewish  people helping  each other to go to what they believed were showers only  to  discover that  they  were  in  fact  put  in  gas chambers to be exterminated. Is there going to be a Christian holocaust?   Oh,  yes.  Are they going to feed  us to the lions?  No, people who put people on the moon don't feed others to lions.  They break their arms and legs in front of abortion clinics and throw them in jail for terms longer than are given to thieves and rapists.

          The so-called  rights of children as defined  by  the  New  World Order are to be enforced. France,  a member-state having already ratified this United Nations Convention on  the Rights of Children, targeted first off the Christian Citadel Church, a bible-believing church, and arrested all of the parents.  Being  a  small  congregation  this  was  not  a very large number.    The enforcers separated all of the children from the parents, put the parents in jail, took the children and put them in foster homes, because the parents and the leadership of the church and what it stood for violated the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children.  Church members claimed that this is the final blow of persecution  which began six years ago when they were branded as a "cult"  --heard that word recently?--Randy  Weaver was thrown in jail. They shot his wife and son.   It is said that he  didn't do anything.  In  Waco,  our  government  is  said  to  have incinerated  the people in that religious community.  I don't much care what they believed in,  right or wrong,  but it is alleged that cleverly, the Council on Foreign Relations-controlled Federal government,  with its puppets,  Reno and Clinton, called them  "cultists,"  and the Humanist-indoctrinated American people said  "Amen, amen; cults . . . we should get rid of cults." And most of Americans are still looking the other way.

          The Christian Citadel Church in France was branded a  "cult"  by ADFI.  Do you know what that stands for?  I didn't when I first read it,  either.  All I know is it's one of thousands of controlled-opposition groups.  You should know about such groups,  how they work,  what they are.  This one is the ADFI,  the National Union of Associations for Defense of the Family and  the Individual.  On my listing of psychopolitical warfare weapons, it says "misnomers." Okay? This is "reverse labeling." This organization has nothing to do with the defense of the family and  the individual,  but it sounds good,  and it's deceitful,  and it covers it up.  Evil  works best  in darkness.  When you expose them and  bring  them  out  into  the  light,  they  blow you  away or out of the sky,  like they did another crusader,  Congressman MacDonald.  It is said that  they blew  him  out of  the sky on 007 because he had,  for years,  been exposing this power play of the Communists/Socialists/Elitists to control the earth's people and resources through a One World Government.  He was naming names,  who was behind it and what it meant.  He was  trying  to  alert and  wake up  the American  people;  and our enemy blew him out of the sky. They do mean to have a New World Order and those who protest and stand in the way are going to be eliminated in one way or another. In testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on February 17, 1950,  CFR member James Warburg put it this way, "We shall have world government whether or not you like it - by conquest or consent."  It's going to get more and more unpleasant as the New World Order moves into high gear.  Watch for the year 2000. They will all be howling at the moon when that time comes!

          The National Union of Associations for the Defense of the Family and the Individual called the Christian Citadel Church a  "cult,"  and  that church is among a list of 200 organizations which the ADFI claims are  "cults".    Let me tell you that among the 200  "cults"  on the ADFI list is the Assemblies of  God--make you feel good,  Independent Baptists? --the Assemblies of God are in that group  listed as  "cults."    The  ADFI  also lists  the  Full  Gospel  Businessmen's  Fellowship International as a  "cult".    It should amaze you that their all-encompassing  definition,  if  you  feel kind of left out, is "any church believing in the efficacy of the blood of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit." According to the ADFI they're all cults, and if you're a cult, then you come under the criminality of this United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children. Please take note that Hillary Clinton has been working for years to set it up so that our Congress will ratify this insidious and evil treaty so that Christians, like you and me will become "dissidents" and "law breakers", subject to the loss  of  our  children  and  imprisonment.  Our  once  Christian  nation  is  to become subject to this intentional anti-Christian treaty.  Don't you think it's time for us to wake up?

          Matthew quotes Christ as saying "Suffer the little children and forbid them not to come unto me".  We are mandated to bring our children to the Cross . . .to bring them to the Lord.   If there is no God . . .if there is no risen Christ . . . then there is no hope.  If,  then, there is no right or wrong . . . if Christ is not the  "way,  the truth and the life"  then  what  hope is  there  in those dark abysses of life's experiences when we find ourselves in the long,  dark tunnel?  I've been there many times,  and  if  it  weren't  for  the shining light of Jesus Christ coming down that long dark road,   I wouldn't be here today.   I can tell you that it is the living Christ that preserves us.

          You must  bring  the  Lord's  Gospel  to your children and every creature.  That is the Great Commission.   How  many  Christians . . . How  many  of  you . . . are  going  to forsake The Great Commission . . . to forsake the mandate given to you  by  your  Lord  Jesus  Christ  because  some contrived,  illegal,  unconstitutional  bureaucracy  of  a  pagan  Humanist  One  World  Government forbids it?   Soon, my friends . . . soon, each of us will have to make that choice. If you truly follow the Lord,  then you are obliged to tell your children that through the saving grace of the Lord Jesus they will spend eternity in Heaven with Him and that in this life also, they will never be alone. Christ said, "and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world." This is the Biblical promise that the child has to claim, that the adult has to claim, that the adult in old age has to claim, that the adult in the cancer ward and the heart clinic has to claim,  that all of us,  in living or dying,  have to claim: "and lo I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world",  because there is no light
at the end of any of life's dark tunnels if that were not true.  Accept Him.   It's the only enlightened,
rational, and logical choice we have.

          Having gone through this investigation of the New World Order,  I have concluded that what comes out of  it  all  after more than twelve years of a lot of studying and a lot of reading . . . . what comes out of it is that,  after all, we've got the victory.  We will be victorious in Christ Jesus. We are saved . . . from our sinfulness . . . we are saved from the Humanist,  we are saved from  the Council on  Foreign  Relations,  we are saved from a pagan,  atheistic world that is growing around us,  and from the hordes of those who have rejected Christ and  the God of the Bible.  Rejoice,  my friends. Through Christ, our triumph is assured! I say again, REJOICE!

          I once remarked, "I feel like Jonah" . . . when God said to Jonah, give them this message. And think of the message he had to tell them.   Was it believed that God was coming to destroy them for their sinfulness? Did they believe that message? Well, in the first instance, they repented; later, they didn't. Jonah was upset because God didn't destroy them. He sat under the tree, if you remember, and he contended with God . . . "Why didn't you destroy them?" And God said in so many words, "They repented and I chose not to destroy them. But, I do choose to have your little shade tree cut down for contending with Me." And He sent a worm that cut the tree down. I must say that I have found amusement in this story of Jonah ever since I first read it. But, what a very difficult message for Jonah.

          Likewise my message in this article is a very difficult message. So much easier if I were Paul Revere. Because if I said to you, "Hey! The British are coming!", you could go about your business laughing, scoffing, and saying, "I don't believe that." But when you rolled up your window shade tomorrow morning and looked out across the fog shrouded meadow you would see them in their red coats, with their muskets and fixed bayonets . . . . coming up the road. My message is also true. Go to the Cross, my friends, and stay there, because they are . . . . they are . . . . coming up the road.

  Some Weapons of Modern Warfare Used in the War Called Peace

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