"Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil."
 (Ephesians 6:11)



          Absolutism  declares  the  existence of  Absolutes  which are moral and spiritual doctrines  involving  the existence of axiomatic principles or  values that are timeless, unchanging, complete, not doubted, unencumbered, unconditional, self-evident, and not relative.

          Christianity, by embracing the Holy Bible as the inerrant word of God, establishes the  doctrines of  Scripture as  the axiomatic  basis of  moral and spiritual  Absolutes. Scripture describes God as Omnipotent, Omnipresent, Omniscient  with  infinite mercy, justice, and love; and Christians accept the birth, life, death, resurrection, and person of Jesus Christ  as recorded in  the Holy Bible.   Therefore,  Christian faith acknowledges Christ to be the divine son of God of the Holy Trinity:  Father,  Son,  and Holy Spirit.  As defined in Scripture, the Christian is saved from eternal condemnation for his sins by the Grace of  God through  the acceptance,  in faith,  of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, believing that He is the Son of God, that He came into the world to save sinners through His atoning  death on  the cross,  that He established victory over death by His bodily resurrection and ascension to Heaven,  and that He will come again to judge the world, such that those who believe on Him will spend Eternity in Heaven with Him and God the Father Almighty.

          Christians are Absolutists, acknowledging God's Law as supreme over all mankind and that God created and exclusively governs the universe and all that dwells therein. For the Christian Absolutist, "Absolutes" are the Biblical Truths which WHILE THEY CAN BE DENIED BY NON-BELIEVERS,  CAN NEVER BE CHANGED.  These Truths are infallible,  ultimate,  immutable,  eternal,  inalienable,  intrinsic,  and unchanging.   That Christ is the Rock of Salvation is an Absolute.  That Christ is the Alpha and the Omega is an Absolute.  That Christ's  declaration:  "I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the father but by me,"  is an Absolute.   His goodness,  grace,  mercy,  love, truth, word, justice, atonement, commandments are Absolutes. That mankind is governed by God, accountable to God, and will, one day, stand before Christ on the Day of Judgment is Absolute. Christ's statement, "He that is not with me is against me," is an Absolute.

A Christian who believes otherwise is not a Christian.


          Relativism denies the existence of moral and spiritual Absolutes and declares that all values are relative,  differing according to circumstances, persons, cultures, conditions and all other such  variables.  So  denying  the existence of  Absolutes,  Relativists reject God,  any such supreme authority or judgment,  and the Holy Bible in its entirety.   While declaring  there is  NO  Absolute Truth,  the  Relativists  ironically attempt  to define and promote their own brand of "truths." Their acknowledged "constant" is "change."

          Relativists,  by  various  labels -- Socialists,  Communists,  Humanists,  Satanists, Secularists,  Internationalists,  Marxists -- share common goals:  undermine,  dismantle, and deny God's Absolutes, replace His authority over mankind with the supreme authority of  the "STATE,"  reject personal accountability to a supernatural God,  elevate societal welfare while subordinating individual excellence and achievement, and control the world's people  and  resources.   Occasionally,  Secularists  admit  the  existence  of  non-Biblical Absolutes  (referred  to  as "Physical  Absolutes")  such as  the  Law  of  Gravity,  or  like George Orwell's portrayal  in  1984  of  his concept  of  an  Absolute, "two-plus-two-equals-four."  Secular  Absolutes,  however,  are likely to be ascribed  to an obscure source  like "Nature's Law"  (or  some other  concocted  semantical  digression  from  the God of  the Bible).  Relativists, to advance their agenda, promote "Social Absolutes," which they say, must emanate from man's law, and violation of which evokes man's judgment--not God's. Samples of  politically-correct  social  Absolutes of  the day,  according to the Relativists, include "tolerance," "compromise," "accommodation," and "separation of  Church and State."


          The recorded  history of  America shows that  this country and its government was established squarely on  the Absolutist  philosophy of Christianity.  From the Mayflower Compact, through the Declaration of Independence to the United States Constitution, the people of America  were  to  be  governed  by  the  Executive,  Legislative,  and  Judicial branches of the established Republic . . . a government founded on law,  specifically,  the Absolutes of the Holy Bible.   While present day  Humanists  (represented by the various and  sundry  "isms"  referenced above  would  have  us believe otherwise to further their agenda, by denying the facts of America's Christian founding, they do not change the truth.

          Today,  Biblical Absolutes are under strategic, pernicious, worldwide, scientifically designed attack,  as never before.  The great  19th  century preacher,  Charles Spurgeon, commented, "Those who do not know God should be afraid, for they have an angry God above them, a guilty conscience within them, and a yawning hell beneath them." Possibly, compelled  by  deep-seated  spiritual  emptiness  and  terror  of  Judgment,  Relativists persistently and relentlessly challenge every Biblical Absolute in every sphere of society, seeking to move America from a God-based Absolutist culture to a man-based Relativist culture.

          Among  today's  Relativists,  as  listed  above,  are  powerful international political, academic,  financial and industrial elitists,  committed to establishing a world government and a  New  World Order.   Necessarily devoid of allegiances to God,  family and country, their New World Order will solidify elitist control of  the  world's  people  by  "maximizing productivity of human capital."   America,  however,  was founded on the concept of LEX REX,  i.e.  the LAW IS KING,  meaning the Law of God is supreme,  in  contrast  to  the opposite concept, REX LEX, meaning the KING  IS  THE  LAW, explained and preached by  Samuel  Rutherford  in  the  his  seventeenth  century  book,  LEX  REX,  THE  LAW, THE  KING.   Since  Rutherford's  book  was  politically incorrect  (to say the least) it was judged as "full of seditious and treasonable matter"  by  Charles  II  and  his government. The book  was burned and Rutherford  was banished  to Aberdeen,  in what one might say was just another attempt to eradicate the Biblical Truth that God is the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.

          It is readily apparent that the  REX LEX  concept is an attempted legalism to allow despotic tyrants to impose their wills on the people, while enforcing their personal concepts of right and wrong,  while LEX REX  subordinates everyone,  kings and  subjects,  citizens and governments, to the Supreme Law of God.  That principle, woven meticulously into the entire  fabric  of  the  Constitution  of  the  United  States  by  its  Christian designers,  has guaranteed  more  freedom  for  more  people  for  longer  than  ever  in  recorded  history. Emphasizing  the  uniqueness  of  our  LEX  REX  philosophy of government,  John Quincy Adams  stated  that  the  American  Revolution  "united  into one indissoluble  bond  the principles  of  civil  government  with  the  principles  of  Christianity "   BUT,  Thomas Jefferson added, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

          Today . . . ,  is America  "indissoluble,"  and is it  "vigilant?"  National commitment to  Biblical  Absolutes  has  crumbled before our eyes,  victim  of  the  "new"  Humanist Absolutes of compromise,  accommodation and consensus.  "Sanctity of life" is reduced to "choice."  The sin  of  homosexuality  is,  merely,  an  acceptable  "alternative  lifestyle." Pre-marital  sex  is  condoned and abstinence  is  shrugged off as  "unrealistic,  rigid  and inflexible."  Legalized  abortion  permits  the  murder  of  as  many  as  two million unborn babies annually,  while the polls disclose that  40%  of  the  public is bored  by  "too much media time" on the President's amorality. The President shuns the National Day of Prayer, yet welcomes homosexuals and lesbians to the White House. Other polls report that people believe traditional character values of honesty and integrity aren't particularly significant. Suicide,  infanticide  and  euthanasia  are  increasingly  acceptable  and  promoted options. Crime,  divorce,  fornication,  blasphemy,  sodomy,  rape,  incest,  and  child  molestation continue to rise, while America's exploding Humanist culture denies the existence of SIN! Life  has  become  a  series  of  nonconsequential  "choices"  between  anybody's  and everybody's world view,  all  of  which are accommodated as equally  valid.  Against  this societal backdrop freedom is defined as the license to do anything one wishes as long as one can  "handle it and get  away  with  it."    Are you not compelled to agree  that America has reached that state described  in  Scripture,  when  " . . . every man whatsoever is right in his own eyes." Deuteronomy 12:8


          What caused this dramatic change, this paradigm shift? And how should Christians respond? Paul says in Ephesians we are to fight spiritual warfare by putting "on the whole armor of God . . . and when we have done all,  to stand."  What is  "all?"   Is  it  to  read and study  God's  Word,  pray,  speak out,  write  letters,  attend  church?   Yes,  of course. Yet,  society continues to sink ever deeper  into  the quagmire  of degeneracy  and  spirals downward into sin.   So, what more can be done? Once again God speaks to us through his prophet, Hosea, "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee . . . seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children."

          Inexplicably,  Christians  and  their  leaders  have  ignored  the  most  powerful  and deceptive weapon of Satan and his followers . . . a weapon that can be found at the heart of every attack against Biblical Absolutes. While God's enemies have studied, perfected and utilized this weapon for, at least the past hundred years, God's people have barely glanced at the "PROCESS" by which our culture has been restructured and led down the slippery slope into moral relativism and amorality.

          This article is intended as an earnest  plea to Christians everywhere to examine the methodology,  the  "PROCESS"  used  in  the attack  against them and the tenets of their faith.   When finally comprehended,  the tactical strategy  of  the  "PROCESS"  becomes self-evident, visible, and its awesome success at changing society and one's world view is understood.    BUT,  unless  Christians  direct  immediate  in-depth  attention  to  its examination and study,  it will be impossible to slow down,  let alone,  stop and reverse the accelerating  descent  of  our  God-based  society  into  total  chaos.   Is  it  possible  for Christians  and  their  leaders  to  lift  themselves  out  of  their  brainwashed lethargy and complacency and become knowledgeable in the weaponry of their enemies and return to the vigilance of their forefathers?  We shall see if it is too late!



          The  Humanistic  Process  for  change,  defined  by  the  term  "Dialectic Process," (commonly referred to as "the Hegelian Principle" after the German philosopher, G. W. Hegel)  is  now  firmly  embedded  in  all  facets and levels of  society.  The  "PROCESS" specifies that  the  intended alteration  of any targeted Absolute,  issue,  principle,  or problem,  (referred to as the Thesis)  shall  be brought about by setting  up an arbitrarily devised opposite  (referred to as the Antithesis)  followed by the insistent demand that a consensus,  compromise or accommodation  (referred to  as  the  Synthesis)  be accepted. Each accomplished Synthesis  then becomes a  new  Thesis,  for which a new Synthesis is demanded. The movement of governing societal viewpoints from the original Thesis to the left or right is determined by the strength,  ability,  and conviction,  the tenacity if you will, with which the proponents of either the Thesis or Antithesis hold to their respective points of view in the struggle to resist or reject the offered consensus.  Like a gigantic tug-of-war for the hearts, minds, and souls of men, women, and children,  the "Dialectic Process" becomes a devastating defeat for those who let go of the rope, fail to dig in their heels, and release the rope from the heaven-bound anchor to which it was originally secured. Notice that once the "PROCESS" is put into motion, our enemies devise one succeeding "cycle"of Thesis - Antithesis - Synthesis  after  another  until  a  society  once  based  on  Facts  and Absolutes is abolished.


          Like the steady drip of water,  the relentless imposition of the "Dialectic Process" on  our  culture  has  gradually  eroded  the  traditional  acceptance  of  Biblical  Absolutes. Christians scratch their heads,   wonder how  this has happened,  and  when they raise the question, are blamed by their pastors for having "turned away" from God.  Blaming those in the pews for the current state of society is like blaming Pavlov's dog for salivating.   A response mechanism  deliberately conditioned and manipulated  by behavior modification experts and sophisticated strategies is NOT the victim's fault.   On  the  other  hand,  the victims and their leaders can be properly blamed for having fallen asleep while the process was taking place.   Once again,  God addresses this blame  when  he  speaks  through  his messenger,  Ezekiel,  "Son of man,  I  have  made  thee  a  watchman  unto  the  house  of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.  When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest  to ward the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity;  but his blood will  I  require  at  thine  hand."   Could  the  warning  trumpet  be sounded more clearly than when the Apostle Paul said,  "Be not  deceived;  God  is not mocked."  Jesus tells us to be  "in the world but not  of  the world."   But  this  has  been tragically  misinterpreted  by  Christians  to  be  some kind of Biblical mandate to withdraw into a psychological and physical ghetto. Possibly for some, these words of the Lord are an excuse for retreating from the field of battle. If it is true, as the British Statesman, Edmund Burke said,  "that Evil triumphs when good men do nothing,"   then,  by our retreat from the field of battle,  we are permitting Evil to triumph.  Do you really think God will continue to bless  America,   if  we  do  nothing?    Jesus has given us the  parable of  the  nobleman  who  "went into a  far country to receive  for  himself a  kingdom,  and to return.  And  he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come." Jesus told us to occupy until he comes!

          Although the world may look the same as  always  to  most  people,  it  is  not,  for  it reflects  a  whole  new  culture,  with  a  new  world  view  and  the  new language called the "Dialectic."   QUESTION:  Would  it  behoove  Christians to  learn  this  new  language: Would learning it help to win souls for Christ?  Would  learning  it help us to oppose  Satan and his followers, or at least, allow us to remove the blindfold from our eyes and unshackle our hands and feet? Would it help us understand our children and other young people, who have been so severely handicapped by the "Dialectic Process" in the government schools? Would we be more effective in combating  OBE,  School-to-Work,  Lifelong Learning,  and Education 2000,   which are all  scientifically  designed  to  complete  the  "PROCESS"  of redirecting  our  children's  "irrational"  (faith-based)   behavior?   Would  it  assist missionaries serving in Europe and other places in the  "Global  Villages"  to  know  why people,  while hungrily accepting  the Gospel of Christ,  continue  to  lie,  cheat  and  steal without inner conflict?   Would this diabolical weapon of spiritual warfare motivate parents to remove their  children  from  the government schools,  and  even  from  some  so-called Christian schools that have been compromised  unwittingly  by  the "Dialectic  Process." For  the  Christian  Soldier,  the  emphatic answer is  YES!   The  "Dialectic Process" should be studied in every Christian school,  every home school,  every Bible study group, and every church Sunday school. It should be exposed from the pulpits and taught in the seminaries. Presently, few understand the  "PROCESS,"  and our culture and our children are  being  "destroyed  for  lack  of  knowledge."   They  are  being  made  vulnerable  by uninformed pastors,  teachers and parents.   We can continue to fight the many peripheral consequences and manifestations of the  "PROCESS,"  but until we confront the tactical weapon being used against us, at the heart of this spiritual warfare, we will win no lasting victories.  Drawn into endless  energy  and  resource-draining,  skirmishes,  we  will  never deliver a death blow to the jugular of the juggernaut that we face.  Bewildered,  exhausted and defeated we will always wonder why the battles are lost. "Two steps forward, one step back"  is  not  found  in  Scripture.   The Apostle Paul  did  not  coin  the  phrase,  "Patient gradualism," the Devil did.

          Taking advantage of each day of our tomorrows, we must fight tirelessly as  if  it  all depends  on  us,  while,  with hearts,  minds,  and eyes  lifted  upward,  knowing  that  it  all depends on Christ.

"FIGHT THE LORD'S BATTLES" (1 Samuel 18:17)

          Dean Gotcher,  founder of the Institution for Authority Research*,  is among those who  have  tracked,  studied  and  meticulously  researched  the  "Dialectic Process" (Thesis-Antitheses-Synthesis of Hegel and New World Order amplification).  He is author of The Dialectic and Praxis: (Diaprax), as well as a number of informational pamphlets on OBE,  STW,  and  other  government  programs.   Dean  has  addressed  ministries  and schools across the country.  His delineation of  the science of the  "PROCESS"  paints  a crystal-clear picture of how things are now, how they got that way, where they are going, and why, in his opinion, there is no reversing the agenda. If there were ever a springboard for evangelism,  this is it,  as the acceleration toward  the  apocalypse  of  the  ages  takes place. 

          Lenin once commented that the greatest  enemy  of  Communism is the  Christian clergyman.  Sadly,  I doubt he would be particularly concerned about this "enemy" today, although I believe, in his time, such a premise was correct.   Yet,  IF TODAY,  America's Christian  clergy  learned,  understood,  taught  and  preached  the  evils,  intricacies, manifestations and inherent dangers of the "Dialectic Process," the extent to which all have been exposed and affected by this deadly disease of the mind,  and most importantly, how Christians can identify and "strengthen the things that remain that are ready to die," then indeed,  Lenin,  his successors,  and their New World Order counterparts would have reason to tremble.

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 with appropriate credit being given to LEX REX.                                                   ( Copyright 1997)


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