Exposing the Hoax of a "Limited" Constitutional Convention





[April, 1989 - Revised May, 1993 and October, 1997]

 "Miracles do not cluster. What has happened once in 6000 years may never happen again. Hold on to
your Constitution for if it should fall, there will be anarchy throughout the world." (Daniel Webster)

NEW CONSTITUTIONS . . . Written and Waiting!

          Ten years, a hundred-plus prominent professors and attorneys (including Warren Burger, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court), and $25 million later, Ford, Rockefeller, and other tax-exempt Foundation funding produced a brand-new Constitution to REPLACE the American Constitution. Although our 200-year-old Constitution has the unique distinction of protecting more freedom for more people for longer than ever in recorded history, these tax-exempt foundations deemed it necessary to rewrite it. Why?!

          Their creation, the "Newstates" Constitution, literally wipes out our permanent God-given freedoms to worship, to "keep and bear arms," to choose private education for our children rather than forced, mandated government education, etc. It goes so far as to abolish all state boundaries and even change the name of the United States to the "Newstates of America!" Our unalienable rights (stated in the Declaration of Independence and guaranteed by the Constitution) are revoked in this NEW Constitution. Authority over man's freedom is transferred from God to the State via temporary government-granted "privileges," easily revoked by any government in power.

          As if this weren't enough, another wealthy tax-exempt foundation, the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS), has authored proposed "Amendments" which abolish our Constitutional Republic not a Democracy, as the New World Order advocates would like us to understand through their constant brainwashing, our Separation of Powers, and our "checks and balances," (all of which PROTECT THE PEOPLE FROM THE GOVERNMENT), eliminate the "Independent" voter by mandating a Party slate of candidates (all or nothing), limit the power of the people and increase the authority and control of the Federal government, i.e. the STATE!

          Sound far-fetched? Maybe, except that these Foundations are comprised of some of the nation's most powerful, wealthy and influential Washington-based career politicians and insiders. For instance, members of the CCS include J. William Fulbright (former Arkansas Senator and "mentor" to Bill Clinton), Lloyd Cutler (former Legal Counsel to Jimmy Carter), C. Douglas Dillon (former Secretary of the Treasury and among the nation's wealthiest citizens), Dick Thornburgh (former Attorney General of the United States), Nicholas Brady (another former Secretary of the Treasury), Senator Nancy Kassebaum of Kansas, and on and on and on. Goals of the Committee on the Constitutional System are summed up nicely by James MacGregor Burns, (CCS Board Member and Williams College Professor) in his 1984 book, THE POWER TO LEAD: "The framers [of the Constitution] have simply been too shrewd for us . . . if we are to TURN THE FOUNDERS UPSIDE DOWN--to put together what they put asunder [Separation of Powers]--we must directly confront the constitutional structure they erected."

HOW to "Confront the Structure"

          1. The first step to a new Constitution is to "con" Americans into believing that their Constitution is obsolete and outdated, that it is "anachronistic, inflexible and irresponsible . . . dangerously inefficient even in time of peace and fatally inadequate for total war", from A NEW CONSTITUTION NOW (republished in 1974) by Henry Hazlitt, Economic Advisor to the tax-exempt, Washington-based National Taxpayers Union (NTU). One of many ways to condition Americans into believing that their Constitution should be junked is to hold "town meetings" across the country, invite the public, examine the "inefficiencies" of our governmental structure, and analyze new proposed changes to the Constitution which will "streamline" and correct its "weaknesses."1 Interestingly enough, the tax-exempt Jefferson Foundation has conducted "mock" Constitutional Conventions in communities across the nation for a number of years, inviting the public (calling them "delegates"), and doing just that! Of course, the built-in assumption in these meetings is that the "weaknesses" and "inefficiencies" of government are caused by a faulty, defective SYSTEM--not by deficient and incompetent PEOPLE "serving" in government under the advocates for a New World Order. Following the "CONditioning" process, the next step toward a new Constitution is the "CONfrontation."

          2. Amendments (changes) to the U.S. Constitution occur legally in either of two ways. All changes since the Bill of Rights have been accomplished by one method--the "Congressional Amendment" process. Congress passes and sends a proposed Amendment, one at a time, to the states, where it is intricately examined, debated and analyzed. If three-quarters of the states ratify the proposed Amendment, it is added to the Constitution. The ONLY way, however, to get the entire document to scrap and rewrite it is through the SECOND method for changing the Constitution, avoided for 200 years because of its risks--an open CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION (which explains the format for the brainwashing Jefferson Foundation meetings).

A DANGEROUS Historic and Legal Precedent

          The only historic precedent for a Constitutional Convention occurred in 1787. The (55) attending delegates did several critical things:
          a. They IGNORED their pre-set, limited agenda;
          b. They TRASHED the entire existing government;
          c. They WROTE a brand-NEW CONSTITUTION, and most important,
          d. (To assure adoption of their new Constitution), they IGNORED EXISTING ratification requirements, wrote NEW ones, and used those new rules to BYPASS the state legislatures.

          Unquestionably, America has been mightily blessed by the God-based result, but as James Madison ("father" of the Constitution) commented: "Having witnessed the difficulties and dangers experienced by the FIRST Convention . . . I would tremble for the result of the SECOND."

          A SECOND Constitutional Convention has not been held in over 200 years because, by virtue of the only historic precedent, nothing can stop a SECOND Convention from doing everything the FIRST did. The enactment of legislation, the rulings of the Courts, the pressure of the states, an uprising of the people CANNOT GUARANTEE that, when the opening gavel falls, the SECOND Convention will not do precisely what the first did, which was to ignore them all and do exactly what it pleased. Those individuals and organizations behind the pro-Convention movement understand this profound legal precedent very clearly and want the open Convention for that very reason. Sadly, and by design, the vast majority of Americans do not understand this. They are being deliberately led like sheep to slaughter into a fatal game of Russian Roulette with their freedom and Bill of Rights, and for what?!!

BALANCED BUDGET Amendment is a "Ruse"

          One of the stated, good-sounding goals of a Constitutional Convention is to gain control of the federal deficit by proposing a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Exploiting the legitimate and deep concern of patriotic Americans everywhere about the mushrooming federal debt, the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), members of the Committee on the Constitutional System (CCS and others, with the help of a "gagged" media, have over the past twenty-plus years quietly lobbied state legislators to call for a Constitutional Convention, ostensibly to add a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Under Article V provisions of the Constitution, when two-thirds (34) of the state legislatures call for a Convention, a Convention SHALL be held. It's mandatory!

          By January 1988, 32 of the required 34 states had petitioned Congress for a Convention, and America was teetering on the brink of a full-scale Constitutional crisis. Did you know that we were that close to a Constitutional Convention, an event that could destabilize the nation in the eyes of the world? Did you read about it in the Washington Post or in the The New York Times, or see or hear reports on NBC, CBS, ABC? The silence of our "free press" was deafening!  Only a cross-section of groups and organizations, like the American Legion, and the VFW, churches and denominations (including the Southern Baptist Convention), the AFL/CIO, the John Birch Society, informed Farm Bureaus, Eagle Forum and a few others, had discovered the truth about the risks of a Convention, had taken positions opposing one, and had started to spread the word.

GRASSROOTS Efforts To Save The Constitution

Finally, as a result of state-wide education and petition drives, starting and growing in hundreds of churches and veterans posts in FLORIDA and ALABAMA in 1988, a massive grassroots coalition of Conservatives, Liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, etc., joined together and demanded that their state legislators protect the Constitution and their freedoms by withdrawing their state calls for a Constitutional Convention. Those two withdrawals, thanks to aroused public awareness of the risks, were overwhelmingly successful, but then, the pro-Convention forces, as James Dale Davidson, Executive Director of the National Taxpayers Union (NTU), put it, "took the gloves off" to stop efforts to save the Constitution. Other state legislative attempts to withdraw "calls" met defeat in Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Maryland, Georgia, and other states, thanks to Washington-based "big shots" and "big money." For instance, Virginia's battle in 1989 to withdraw lost by a tie vote in committee, despite a strong coalition of grassroots support throughout the state. Finally, Louisiana became the third state to withdraw its Con-Con Call, leaving 29 "active" calls. Since then, no additional states have passed calls and none have withdrawn existing calls. Yet, the battle continues in state legislatures across the country. The New World Order advocates are determined to have their way with our Constitution, our country and our citizens. Ultimately, what they cannot gain through the stacking of the courts, the legislatures, Executive Orders, United Nations Treaties and outright violations of the provisions of our Constitution, they plan to obtain through a Constitutional Convention.

CONDITIONING and Brainwashing Continues.

As the stage is intentionally set by deteriorating economic/political/societal conditions, One-Worlders and New World Order elitists sense victory is close, and they're right! They say the nation's problems are due to a faulty SYSTEM--not a HIDDEN AGENDA. They cry for CHANGE, meaning to radically alter a system that, because of its recognition of God-given unalienable rights, has guaranteed more individual liberty than any other governmental system in history. If Americans do not awaken to this threat to their Constitution, they will awaken one day soon to the most profound Constitutional crisis in history. Without the present contractual document, NO LEGAL BASIS WILL EXIST TO OBJECT, DISSENT, OR REFUSE TO FOLLOW the laws of the New World Order. The American people may lack the international elitists' money, but, for the moment at least, they still retain the power of numbers--people numbers--and with these and the truth, they can vote the enemies of their freedom and independence out of office!

1See an explanation of  the "the process" in the article "THE  'NEW' ABSOLUTE: NO ABSOLUTES!" AT


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